Self-Referential Processing in Depressed Adolescents
Memory Specificity and Mindfulness Jointly Moderate the Effect of Reflective Pondering on Depressive Symptoms in Individuals With a History of Recurrent Depression
From Loss to Loneliness
Enhanced Error-Related Brain Activity in Children Predicts the Onset of Anxiety Disorders Between the Ages of 6 and 9
Childhood Emotional and Sexual Maltreatment Moderate the Relation of the Serotonin Transporter Gene to Stress Generation
Correction to Pineles et al. (2013)
Emotion Regulation Abnormalities in Schizophrenia
Correction to Anestis et al. (2014)
Spatial Attentional Control Is Not Impaired in Schizophrenia
Apathy in Schizophrenia as a Deficit in the Generation of Options for Action
Factors of Psychopathy and Electrocortical Response to Emotional Pictures
Early Starting, Aggressive, and/or Callous–Unemotional? Examining the Overlap and Predictive Utility of Antisocial Behavior Subtypes
DSM-5 Alternative Personality Disorder Model Traits as Maladaptive Extreme Variants of the Five-Factor Model
A Cluster Analytic Examination and External Validation of Psychopathic Offender Subtypes in a Multisite Sample of Canadian Federal Offenders
Variants of Psychopathy in Adult Male Offenders
The Structure of Personality Pathology
Affect Regulation and Purging
Rumination but Not Distraction Increases Eating-Related Symptoms in Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa
Neural Processing of Social Participation in Borderline Personality Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder
Extraversion and Psychopathology
High-Precision Visual Long-Term Memory in Children With High-Functioning Autism
Commentary on “The Modal Suicide Decedent Did Not Consume Alcohol Just Prior to the Time of Death
Response to Commentary on “The Modal Suicide Decedent Did Not Consume Alcohol Just Prior to the Time of Death
Correction to Lowe et al. (2014)