Attention Bias Modification for Major Depressive Disorder
Neural Markers of Familial Risk for Depression
A 3-Year Longitudinal Study of Risk for Bipolar Spectrum Psychopathology
Correction to Anestis et al. (2014)
Pupillary Reactivity to Sad Stimuli as a Biomarker of Depression Risk
Examining Associations Between Psychosis Risk, Social Anhedonia, and Performance of Striatum-Related Behavioral Tasks
Altered Attentional and Perceptual Processes as Indexed by N170 During Gaze Perception in Schizophrenia
The Latent Structure of Personality Functioning
Poor Self-Control and Harsh Punishment in Childhood Prospectively Predict Borderline Personality Symptoms in Adolescent Girls
Impaired Recollection of Visual Scene Details in Adults With Autism Spectrum Conditions
Online Social Communication Patterns Among Emerging Adult Women With Histories of Childhood Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
The Impact of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Alexithymia on Judgments of Moral Acceptability
Correction to Nickerson et al. (2014)
Progression in Substance Use Initiation
Local Area Disadvantage and Gambling Involvement and Disorder
Tobacco Withdrawal Symptoms Mediate Motivation to Reinstate Smoking During Abstinence
The Temporal “Pulse” of Drinking
Nondaily Smokers’ Experience of Craving on Days They Do Not Smoke
Extraversion and the Rewarding Effects of Alcohol in a Social Context
Do Sleep Disturbances and Psychotic-Like Experiences in Adolescence Share Genetic and Environmental Influences?
A Person-Centered Approach to Examining Heterogeneity and Subgroups Among Survivors of Sexual Assault
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Intergenerational Continuity in Parents’ and Adolescents’ Externalizing Problems
Codevelopment of Psychopathic Features and Alcohol Use During Emerging Adulthood
Undifferentiated Negative Affect and Impulsivity in Borderline Personality and Depressive Disorders
Method Matters