Toward Validation of a Structural Approach to Conceptualizing Psychopathology
Elucidating the Validity of the Externalizing Spectrum of Psychopathology in Correctional, Forensic, and Community Samples
The Structure of Psychopathology in Adolescence and Its Common Personality and Cognitive Correlates
External Validity of a Hierarchical Dimensional Model of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
The Contribution of Reinforcement Sensitivity to the Personality-Psychopathology Hierarchical Structure in Childhood and Adolescence
Stress Responsivity and the Structure of Common Mental Disorders
Using Repeated Daily Assessments to Uncover Oscillating Patterns and Temporally-Dynamic Triggers in Structures of Psychopathology
Validating Dimensions of Psychosis Symptomatology
Longitudinal Validation of General and Specific Structural Features of Personality Pathology
White Matter Correlates of Psychosis-Linked Traits Support Continuity Between Personality and Psychopathology
Structure as Cause and Representation
Connecting Psychopathology Meta-Structure and Mechanisms
Attentional Biases in Children of Depressed Mothers
Interoception in Pathological Health Anxiety
The Neurobiology of Self-Face Recognition in Depressed Adolescents With Low or High Suicidality
Neurobehavioral Markers of Resilience to Depression Amongst Adolescent Exposed to Child Abuse