Introduction to the Special Section : Why We Should Highlight the Outstanding Contributions of Young Investigators in the Field of Eating Disorders
Eating Disorder-Specific Risk Factors Moderate the Relationship Between Negative Urgency and Binge Eating : A Behavioral Genetic Investigation
Correction to Kujawa, Proudfit, and Klein (2014)
Trajectories of Higher- and Lower-Order Dimensions of Negative and Positive Affect Relative to Restrictive Eating in Anorexia Nervosa
Shared Familial Risk Between Bulimic Symptoms and Alcohol Involvement During Adolescence
Response in Taste Circuitry is not Modulated by Hunger and Satiety in Women Remitted From Bulimia Nervosa
Correction to Chun et al. (2017)
Associations of Borderline Personality Disorder Traits With Stressful Events and Emotional Reactivity in Women With Bulimia Nervosa
The Impact of Acute Stress on the Neural Processing of Food Cues in Bulimia Nervosa : Replication in Two Samples
Maternal Eating Disorders and Perinatal Outcomes : A Three-Generation Study in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study
A Review of Purging Disorder Through Meta-Analysis
Expanding the Developmental Boundaries of Etiologic Effects : The Role of Adrenarche in Genetic Influences on Disordered Eating in Males
Contributions From Outstanding Young Eating Disorder Investigators : What We Are Learning, How We Are Learning It, and Where Might We Go Next?
Hierarchical Structure of Emotional Disorders : From Individual Symptoms to the Spectrum
Time-Varying and Time-Invariant Dimensions of Depression in Children and Adolescents : Implications for Cross-Informant Agreement
Networks of Loss : Relationships Among Symptoms of Prolonged Grief Following Spousal and Parental Loss
Neural Markers of Emotional Face Perception Across Psychotic Disorders and General Population
Electrophysiological Evidence for Detrimental Impact of a Reappraisal Emotion Regulation Strategy on Subsequent Cognitive Control in Schizophrenia
Correction to Fox et al. (2017)
Explicit and Implicit Reinforcement Learning Across the Psychosis Spectrum