Networks of Loss : Relationships Among Symptoms of Prolonged Grief Following Spousal and Parental Loss
Stability and Change in Etiological Factors for Alcohol Use Disorder and Major Depression
Frontal Alpha Asymmetry in OCD Patients and Unaffected First-Degree Relatives
Structural Learning Difficulties Implicate Altered Hippocampal Functioning in Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Heightened Attentional Capture by Visual Food Stimuli in Anorexia Nervosa
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Implicit Approach and Avoidance in Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Explicit and Implicit Reinforcement Learning Across the Psychosis Spectrum
Executive Functions and Substance Use : Relations in Late Adolescence and Early Adulthood
Smoking-Induced Affect Modulation in Nonwithdrawn Smokers With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, and in Those With No Psychiatric Disorder
Suicide and Self-Injury-Related Implicit Cognition : A Large-Scale Examination and Replication
Interpersonal Callousness and Co-Occurring Anxiety : Developmental Validity of an Adolescent Taxonomy
Anticipatory and Consummatory Pleasure and Displeasure in Major Depressive Disorder : An Experience Sampling Study
Patterns of Pregnancy and Postpartum Depressive Symptoms : Latent Class Trajectories and Predictors
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