A contrast in psychoanalysis
Proceedings of the American Psychological Association, May 8, 1913. Evening Session
‘On “The Analysis and Interpretation of Dreams Based on Various Motives' and on the theory of psychoanalysis' − reply to Dr. James J. Putnam, with critical remarks on the theory and practice of Freudian psychoanalysis
Some hysterical mechanisms in children
Body and mind, a history and a defense of animism
A system of psychology
The world we live in, or philosophy and life in the light of modern thought
The original nature of man
Die phänomenologie des ich, in ihren grundproblemen
Die philosophische auffassung des mitleids
Psychopathology of hysteria
Ueber halluzinosen der syphilitiker. Von privatdozen
Mental diseases
Cerebellar functions
Measurement of induction shocks
The examination of school children