Traité de Psychologie

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Reviews the book, Traité de Psychologie by Georges Dumas and others (1923). This impressive work is a monument of cooperative scholarship. It represents the endeavors of twenty-five of the leading French psychologists to create a systematic psychology that includes the essential facts of all divisions of the science. The Traité appears in two volumes containing about a thousand pages each. This work is perhaps a bit unwieldy but that should not seriously endanger its usefulness. It does not cover the applications of psychology to education, business, law, etc., since it claims only to provide the theoretical background for these specialties. There is virtually no new experimental material reported, but the compactness of the sections make it valuable for reference purposes, and it would deserve a favorable reception on that count alone. In this Traité more than a score of the ablest French minds have made a joint endeavor to present a cross-section of the contemporary status of the science. They have aimed to be impartial, objective, and complete, amassing first the information and the facts before offering systematic interpretations. The style is as varied as the individual contributors, but always clear and even, and at times brilliant. The biological, abnormal, and social approaches may be termed its characteristic viewpoints, and as such this collective work is representative of its country and its time. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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