Psychoanalysis, psychology, and education
What should psychologists do about psychoanalysis?
Psychoanalysis and personality research
One psychologist as analysand
A critical and experimental study of repression
Evaluative attitudes as related to vocational interests and academic achievement
Autonomic action in relation to personality traits of children
Ability to resist artificially induced dissociation
Hypnotic regression—fact or artifact?
Student attitudes and vocational choices
Explorations in personality
The conceptual representation and the measurement of psychological forces
Textbook of abnormal psychology
The startle pattern
Race relations and the race problem
The social mind
Facts and theories of psychoanalysis
Nouveau traité de psychologie
[Review of Introductory Psychology Textbooks],
Review of Marriage and the Family; Predicting Success or Failure in Marriage; and How to Achieve Sex Happiness in Marriage
Representative psychologists