The causes and the prevention of war
Levels of aspiration in academically successful and unsuccessful children
The innate differential in social learning
Some factors determining change in attitude
Four dimensions in political stereotypes
Attitude homogeneity and length of group association
The integration of the personality
Moses and monotheism
[Review of Love, hate and reparation; and Superstition and society],
Conscious orientation
Technique of analytical psychotherapy
Studies of abnormal behavior in the rat
Mental disorders in urban areas
An introduction to the sociology of law
The psychology of parent-child relationships
Social psychology of adolescence
Minor mental maladjustments in normal people
The measurement of adult intelligence
[Review of Guiding Human Misfits; Mental Hygiene; Psychology in Everyday Living; and Life
[Review of South Italian Folkways in Europe and America; Americans in the Making; Collective Behavior; Himalayan Village; and Experience-worlds of Mountain People],
[Review of Psychology of Personality; Crooked Personalities in Childhood and After; The Art of Being a Person; and Social Forces in Personality Stunting],
[Review of Psychology and the Nurse; Nursing Mental Diseases; and Hints to Probationer Nurses in Mental Hospitals],
Principles of psychiatric nursing