Some personality correlates of morale
Animism and related tendencies in Hopi children
Bilinguality and emotional adjustment
Expectation in relation to achievement and happiness
Identification with social and economic class
Conflict, frustration, and the theory of threat
Emotionality test scores of delinquent and nondelinquent girls
Psychological determinants of morale
German Parteilieder and Christian hymns as instruments of social control
Non-intellective factors in general intelligence
Clinical application of the Thematic Apperception Test
Studies in personality
Radio research 1941
The varieties of temperament
Fundamentals of social psychology
The use of personal documents in psychological science
Motivation and visual factors
The therapy of the neuroses and psychoses, a socio-psycho-biological analysis and resynthesis
As William James said
Religion in illness and health
Beyond psychology
Corrective treatment for unadjusted children
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Child psychology. (3rd ed.)
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