Hunger for wholiness

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Reviews the book, Hunger for wholiness by Thomas H. Howells (1940). The thesis of this significant book is that the universal motive of man is a hunger or need to be whole—to become progressively integrated within himself and into the universe around him. The entire motive force of man from the most basic nutritional requirements of the organism to the ultimate longings to understand the how and why of all things is accounted for in terms of this hunger for “wholiness.” The author develops this central idea in ten chapters. The book rests upon the general ideas of what has come to be known as Gestalt psychology, but the author avoids (and many will think wisely so) the use of the forbidding and often none-too-clear terminology that has grown up around this particular sect in psychology. Professor Howells has something he wishes to say, and he seems to feel no need to impress his reader with the use of a new vocabulary. In short, the ideas of the book are presented in clear English and hence the reading of it does not require the learning of a new terminology. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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