Psychological problems in mental deficiency

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Reviews the book, Psychological problems in mental deficiency by Seymour Sarason (1949). Dr. Sarason's book outlines the field for us, shows us what methods have been used, what problems of diagnosis and etiology have been explored and even manages to give the mental defective a “personality” and to demonstrate psychotherapeutic potentialities. Overall, the following remarks may be made about the author's presentation. In the first place, the book is a compilation of many studies rather than a systematic treatise on mental defectiveness. A great deal of material is critically presented, and the reader is continually reminded of alternative interpretations of results reported. In some respects, however, there is a lack of criticism where it would appear most essential. In the second place, one would like to know for what level of readership the book was written. On the one hand, there is an extremely elementary discussion of neuroanatomy and also of the Rorschach Test and its scoring symbols. On the other hand, the general discussion is probably too difficult for an elementary student. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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