Personality dynamics during success-failure sequences
The phenomenon of resistance in learning
The discovery of ergic structure in man in terms of common attitudes
Theoretical considerations concerning the scope and limitations of projective techniques
An experimental study of a method for abstracting the content of social case records
The relation of verbal reactions to adjustment level
Multiple therapy as a method for training and research in psychotherapy
Effects of goal attainment
Measurement of self-oriented needs in discussion groups
A study of role-conflicts as related to happiness in marriage
An experimental critique of assumptions underlying the Negro version of the TAT
A case study of group ideology and individual adjustment
MMPI performance and insulin shock therapy
Test of certain assumptions regarding figure drawing analysis
Validation of the Wechsler “shoes” item
An inquiry into the Szondi pictures
Reactions of mental patients to attendance at a businessmen's luncheon club meeting
Stereotypes of workers and executives among college men
Frustration reactions of delinquents using Rosenzweig's classification system
Measures of the sex behavior of college males compared with Kinsey's results
Implicit hypotheses and clinical predictions
The effect of variation in “value” on perceptual thresholds
Consistency of individual leadership position in small groups of varying membership
The organization of behavior
The authoritarian personality
Introduction to psychopathology
Training in community relations
Essentials of psychological testing
Personality projection in the drawing of the human figure
Interaction process analysis
Personality development and assessment
Varieties of delinquent youth