Essentials of psychological testing

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Reviews the book, Essentials of Psychological Testing by Lee J. Cronbach (see record 1950-00647-000). This book can be described, briefly, by saying that it deserves its title, for here are to be found the real essentials of psychological testing. Written on the undergraduate level, presumably for the beginning testing course which serves both psychology and education students, this text contains remarkably little that will have to be unlearned in more advanced study. Dr. Cronbach's position is that the day has passed when a text on testing can handle all published tests. Discussions of particular tests are excellent, focusing upon the primary problem posed by each in contemporary thinking. Dr. Cronbach's volume seems to me to be the most adequate text on the subject. With suitable explanations, omissions, and additions, it would leave little to be desired. Dr. Cronbach's own teaching experience is apparent throughout and has stood him in good stead. The book is not an easy one; the writing is succinct, and a high level of motivation and intelligence on the part of the reader is assumed. It should be a challenging text to both student and teacher, primarily because it should lead the able student to study more intensively many of the areas covered. Because of the breadth of topics included, the instructor can hardly help but increase his own fund of information in guiding such study. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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