Perception of Rorschach concepts as related to personality deviations
Sucking behavior in neonate dogs
Non-adaptive group behavior
Projection of anxiety aroused by sexual ideation in mental hospital patients
Problem solving rigidity and personality structure
The effect of mental set and item structure upon response to a projective test
Deviation, rejection, and communication
The prognostic importance of delusions in schizophrenia
The mechanisms of hypnotic age regression
Re-individualizing the repression hypothesis
The distress-relief quotient (DRQ) in dictated and verbatim social casework interviews
Rorschach patterns predicting success or failure in the rehabilitation of the physically handicapped
Stereotype persistance and change among college students
Laboratory measurements and psychotherapy
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Mental testing. Its history, principles, and applications
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History of experimental psychology
The “why” of man's experience
The meaning of evolution. A study of the history of life and of its significance for man
Leadership and isolation
[Review of Les tests mentaux en psychiatrie; L'enfance anormale; Les notions morales chez l'enfant and Les origines du caractere chez l'enfant],
Projective psychology, clinical approaches to the total personality