Personal tempo
Perceptual aspects of repression
Experimental frustration in a group test situation
An exploratory investigation of autistic perception
Problem solving by small groups using various communication nets
Intellectual performance of cryptogenic epileptics, symptomatic epileptics, and posttraumatic encephalopaths
Experimental stress and alleged Rorschach indices of anxiety
Testing for the existence of psychometric patterns
A personality scale for dominance
The nature and meaning of the Rorschach white space responses
Responses of psychiatric patients to threat of failure
The discriminatory recognition of visual patterns under hypnosis
Group structure and perception
Intellectual malfunctioning and personality
Changes in attitude through communication
A tension index of adjustment based on picture stories elicited by the Michigan Picture Test
Social Psychology
Public Opinion 1935–1946
Handwriting Analysis as a Psychodiagnostic Tool
Childhood and Society
Experiments on Mass Communication
Love Is Not Enough