Subcultural variation in authoritarian personality
Some correlates of technical and scientific productivity
Subjective status and the equilibration hypothesis
An empirical test of some assumptions underlying the Szondi test
Phases in group problem-solving
On the liability of stereotype or hypothesis
The effects of electroconvulsive treatments on memory efficiency
Aggression as a function of the attack and the attacker
The experimental production of interpersonal affect
The effect of threat on perceptual affect in a group
The J-curve revisited
Motor control in psychiatric patients under experimental stress
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Studies of group behavior
Assessment of persons through a quasi group-interaction technique
The behavior of leaders and other group members
War and the intelligence of youth
The intelligence of American children of Mexican parentage
A note on “Antiminority remarks
A note concerning Baumgarten-Tramer's “German psychologists and recent events.”
Personality and psychotherapy
Psychology of intelligence
Psychosurgery in the treatment of mental disorders and intractable pain
Neurosis and human growth
Recovery from aphasia
Principles of intensive psychotherapy
Mathematical biology of social behavior
The threshold of the abnormal
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