The use of the Thematic Apperception Test to differentiate normal from abnormal groups
Parental “identification” and “tendency toward disorders” as measured by the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
A study of anxiety and learning
The formation of social groups under conditions of success and failure
Music and the general activity of apathetic schizophrenics
Index of nailbiting in children
Frustration, satisfaction, and other factors affecting the attractiveness of goal objects
The perceptual consequences of success and failure
The effect of an audience on behavior in a choice situation
Defense against ego-threat in memory and perception
The interpersonal process in psychotherapy
The cultural background of the patient as part of the physician's armamentarium
Selective perception in the interpretation of symbols
The psychology of religion
Volunteer-error in the Kinsey study
Two Rorschach scoring techniques
A note on the validity of Sanford's Authoritarian-Equalitarian scale
Organization and Pathology of Thought
An Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Social Psychology
The Adolescent Period
Studies in Leadership