A theoretical analysis of the relations between sociology and psychology
Validation of a sociometric regrouping procedure
Perceptual defense and projective tests
The effects of previous training on postfrustration behavior
Religious ethnocentrism and its recognition among adolescent boys
Forecasting officer potential using the leaderless group discussion
Impressions of personality as a function of marital conflict
The effect of institutionalization on attitudes toward old people
An experimental evaluation of group psychotherapy
Intelligence scores as a function of experimentally established social relationships between child and examiner
Factors underlying Wechsler-Bellevue performance of three neuropsychiatric groups
The interaction of client and therapist
Environmental determinants of basic difficulty problems
Some consequences of de-individuation in a group
Age and sex differences on the Rorschach experience balance
Corroboration of personal values as selective factors in perception
An investigation of the diagnostic validity of the Szondi test
Similarity of valuings as a factor in selection of peers and near-authority figures
The criterion in counseling; a group participation scale
The effect of the perception of mild degrees of threat on performance
A study of role-conflicts as related to class level
Memory and psychological security
Bodily similarity between subject and central figure in the TAT as an influence on projection
An exploratory study of unconscious feeling reactions in fifteen patient-therapist pairs
The learning and retention of words with association disturbances
Moral behavior and moral judgment of children
The validation of the paroxysmal vector of the Szondi test
A clinical study of set in intraserial learning
Attitude as a determinant of distortions in recall
A comparison of remitting and nonremitting schizophrenics on psychological tests
The influence of cultural factors on the Leiter International Performance Scale
Prognostic indices in the Rorschach records of hospitalized patients
The use of a rating scale of level of response in TAT stories
The influence of varying degrees of psychological stress on problem-solving rigidity
Expectancy of punishment as a function of type of differentiation in original learning
Ethnocentrism, “intolerance of ambiguity,” and abstract reasoning ability
Rorschach movement variables and verbal intelligence
Clinical insight as a function of group process
Information and social distance as predictors of hostility toward nations
Effects of personal, impersonal, and physical stress upon cognitive behavior in a card sorting problem
A relationship between visual perception and level of personality security
The effect of differential instructions on anxiety and learning
Anxiety-reduction as reinforcement in maladaptive behavior
Word usage and synonym representation in the English language
A caution respecting the measurement of empathic ability
The reliability of psychiatric diagnoses