“Reinstatement” of the communicator in delayed measurement of opinion change
“Primary” and “secondary” suggestibility
Facial similarity between subject and central figure in the TAT as an influence on projection
Intellectual rigidity and social attitudes
Sociometric status and individual adjustment before and after play therapy
Language development and nonverbal IQ of Puerto Rican preschool children in New York City
Prediction of behavior by means of the Rorschach test
Some psychodynamic factors in compulsive conformity
Levels of perceptual organization and cognition
Coding noise in a task-oriented group
A psychogalvanometric test for neuroticism
Nonadaptive behavior resulting from a series of defeats in fighting mice
Studies of group behavior
The case study of an hysterical fugue
Ambiguity and nonambiguity in projective testing
Ambiguity and nonambiguity in projective testing
The alternation of an ambiguous figure in paretics and schizophrenics
The test anxiety questionnaire
On white and Negro test performance and socio-economic factors
Author's comments on a review of Psychoanalysis and Group Behavior
The new man in Soviet psychology
The contributions of Harry Stack Sullivan
In search of self
Lives in progress
Readings in social psychology. (Rev. Ed.)
Lehrbuch der Rorschach-psychodiagnostik; für psychologen, ärtze, und pädagogen
Social psychology
[Review of Errors of psychotherapy and Prescription for rebellion],
Bibliography of child language