The effect of shock on recognition thresholds
The lack of generality in defense mechanisms as indicated in auditory perception
Threat-expectancy, word frequencies, and perceptual pre-recognition hypotheses
Predicting language behavior from object sorting
The generalization of expectancies
Effects of decision making by group members on recall of finished tasks
The influence of role playing on opinion change
Personality changes following transorbital lobotomy
Some determinants of behavioral rigidity
Physiological need, verbal frequency, and word association
The relationships between overt and fantasy aggression
Fixation and inhibition
Ethnocentrism and misanthropy
Conforming behavior of psychiatric and medical patients
“Manifest” anxiety, neurotic anxiety, and the rate of conditioning
Predicting hospitalization of psychiatric outpatients
The performance of schizophrenics on social concepts
Psychological prognosis of outcome in the mental disorders
Individual conformity to attitudes of classroom groups
Projective methods and verbal learning
A transvaluation of psychotherapy
A case study in a behavioral analysis of psychotherapy
The use of tape recording to simulate a group atmosphere
A case of ESP
How neurotic is the authoritarian?
The Life and Work of Sigmund Freud. Volume I. The Formative Years and the Great Discoveries, 1856–1900