Three situational determinants of conformity to social norms
Political attitudes and judgments of other people
Reaction time as a function of manifest anxiety and stimulus intensity
Some effects of cooperation and competition upon small group behavior
Ethnocentrism and tolerance of trait “inconsistency.”
The effect of stuttering on the behavior of the listener
Complexity of response as a factor in the vocabulary performance of schizophrenics
Authoritarianism and leadership choice in a military setting
Test anxiety and Rorschach performance
Religious beliefs of Catholic college students and their attitudes toward minorities
Assumed similarity measures as predictors of team effectiveness
The effect of reward on adult imitative behavior
Is there a mechanism of perceptual defense? A reply to Postman, Bronson, and Gropper
A theoretical approach to psychological movement
The effect of experimental arousal of the affiliation motive on thematic apperception
Interpersonal knowledge and individual and group effectiveness
Irregularities in judgment data collected by the method of equal-appearing intervals
Perceptual rigidity as measured by aniseikonic lenses
Values as determinants of word-recognition thresholds
Word frequency and the measurement of value areas
The assessment of group opinion by leaders, and their influence on its formation
Prediction in the clinical method and interrelations of biochemistry, psychiatry, and psychology
Affective tone and visual recognition thresholds
Some effects of situational threat on group behavior
A study in language and cognition
Some psychodynamic aspects of felt parental alliance in young children
Autokinetic judgments as a measure of influence
Social research and the problem of values
Administration of the F scale to a sample of Germans
Notes on the Wesley Rigidity Scale
The therapeutic community. A new treatment method in psychiatry
The nature of nondirective group psychotherapy. An experimental investigation
Three men
The achievement motive
[Review of Who shall survive? Foundations of sociometry, group psychotherapy and sociodrama and Group dynamics