Leadership, followership, and friendship : an analysis of peer nominations
Sociometric choice patterns in hospital ward groups with varying degrees of interpersonal disturbances
Social perception and sociometric choice in children
The influence of psychological stress on the “intolerance of ambiguity.”
Ability to judge personality assessed with a stress interview and sound-film technique
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Psychotherapy and ethnocentrism
Attempted, threatened, and completed suicide
Attitude modification and anxiety reduction
Individual differences in the perception of women's faces
Body-cathexis and the ideal female figure
Personality differences between middle and upper classes
Vocabulary performance of short-term and long-term schizophrenics
Normality and projective techniques
Response faults in word association as a function of response entropy
Stimulus generalization as a function of clinical anxiety and direction of generalization
Acceptance by others and its relation to acceptance of self and others : a revaluation
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