The principal replicated factors discovered in objective personality tests
The level of aspiration of schizophrenic and normal subjects
Attitude formation
The relationship between symbolic and manifest projections of sexuality with some incidental correlates
Test anxiety and blame assignment in a failure situation
Einstellung effect and goal-setting behavior
Problem-solving rigidity and decision time
Rigidity and reactive inhibition
Responses to repeated frustrations of young children differentiated according to need area
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A proposed method for increasing accuracy of judges' classification of verbal material
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Changes in goal-object preference as a function of expectancy for social reinforcement
Learning and retention of words of sexual and nonsexual meaning
Thinking deficit in schizophrenia and changes with amytal
Phonetic symbolism in natural languages
Somatic therapy as discussed by psychotic patients
Early language behavior in Negro children and the testing of intelligence
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Recidivism among girls
Psychotherapy and personality change
Psychoanalytic interpretation in Rorschach testing
Transference. Its meaning and function in psychoanalytic therapy
The clinical interaction