The Multiple Attitude Test : a diagnostic device
A note on adjustment as achievement
On the nature of identification
Learning theory and the self concept
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Clarification of the instigation to action concept in the frustration-aggression hypothesis
Authoritarianism, leader acceptance, and group cohesion
Word frequency or motivation in perceptual defense
The measurement of leadership in white and Negro students
Social norms, arbitrariness of frustration, and status of the agent of frustration in the frustration-aggression hypothesis
The influence of leader-keyman relations on combat crew effectiveness
An experimental analysis of role behavior
Self-concept conflict indicators and learning
Opinion change as a function of some intrapersonal attributes of the communicatees
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Cognitive complexity-simplicity and predictive behavior
Culture and psychopathology
An approach to the validity of the Taylor Anxiety Scale : scores of medical and psychiatric patients
Predicting the behavior of children under frustration
The relationship of biased test responses to psychopathology
An experimental investigation of need for cognition
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Standardization of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale for older persons
The influence of attributed motive on the acceptance of statement
Observations of a person with congenital insensitivity to pain
Accuracy of identification of Jewish and non-Jewish photographs
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Time orientation in delinquents
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The Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale and intelligence
Social learning and clinical psychology
Personality through perception