Social interaction and the self concept
Formation of new associations to words selected on the basis of reaction-time-GSR combinations
Emergent leadership in small, decision-making groups
Influence of cognitive and affective factors in learning and retaining attitudinal materials
Conformity to groups as a function of group success
Analysis of social interaction
Mechanisms of group psychotherapy
Some effects at maturity of gentling, ignoring, or shocking rats during infancy
Some personality and intellectual correlations of intolerance of ambiguity
The changing family relationships of adolescent girls
Psychosexual conflicts and defenses in visual perception
Self-predictive orientation and the movement interpretation of threat
Reactions of middle and lower class children to finger paints as a function of class differences in childtraining practices
Response to personality inventories with situational stress
Leadership and popularity as a function of behavioral predictions
Some effects of experimentally induced anxiety upon discrimination behavior
Reactions to stress
Do intercultural experiences affect attitudes?
The disposition toward originality
The anal character and political aggression
Attributed social power and group acceptance
The influence of simulated mutilation upon the perception of the human figure
Anxiety and the conditioning of verbal behavior
Dependence on external influence
Empirical elaboration of the theory of complementary needs in mate-selection
Factors descriptive of psychiatric outpatients
Value scales and dimensions
Distortions in the gradient of stimulus generalization related to cortical brain damage and schizophrenia
Serial learning and conditioning under real-life stress
Interaction process analysis of the mediation of labor-management disputes
Opinion organization in a heterogeneous population
The effects of two experimental counseling techniques on performances impaired by induced stress
Mode of failure, interference tendencies, and achievement imagery
Prefrontal lobotomy as a means to improve the hospital adjustment of chronic psychotic patients
A demonstration of bias in estimates of Negro ability
A new view of rigidity
Relations between discrimination, apparatus stress, and the Taylor Scale
Psychoneurosis and suggestibility
A test of behavioral rigidity
Phenomenal, ideal, and projected conceptions of self
Authoritarianism or acquiescence?
Understanding versus suggestion in the judgment of literary passages
A study of normative and informational social influences upon individual judgment
Sensitization and prejudice
“Authoritarianism” and authority
The contingency of humor appreciation on the stimulus-confirmation of joke-ending expectations
A direct laboratory comparison of Pavlovian conditioning and traditional associative learning
Intellectual performance as related to emotional instability in children
Comparative subjective effects of seven drugs including lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD−25)
Anxiety indices related to susceptibility to persuasion
The control of the content of conversation
An autobiography of a schizophrenic experience
Cultural influences on preference for designs
Race prejudice and intolerance of ambiguity in children
An error in some demonstrations of the superior social perceptiveness of leaders
Another failure to demonstrate displacement of aggression
Some speculations concerning the selection of clinical psychologists
Test performance as an involuntary function of interpersonal relationships
Some comments on a Viennese school of psychiatry
Status factors in pedestrian violation of traffic signals
Some reactions to a hypothetical disaster
A note on visual recognition thresholds
Set versus perceptual defense
Attitudes toward authority of delinquent and non-delinquent boys
The technique of psychotherapy
Handbook of social psychology
Motivation and personality
Interviewing in social research