Some factors affecting the quality of therapeutic relationships
Schizophrenic intellectual impairment : uniform or differential?
Experimental effects of ego-defense preference on interpersonal relations
The Einstellung Test and performance in factual interviewing
Assimilative projection and accuracy of prediction in interpersonal perceptions
Concept formation and impressions of personality
“Conceptual level” vs. “conceptual area” analysis of object-sorting behavior of schizophrenic and nonpsychiatric groups
Expectations, fulfillment, and morale
The Perception of Social Attitudes
Members' reactions to apparent group approval of a counternorm communication
Social sensitivity in the small task-oriented group
The measurement of hostility in clinical situations
Perceptual contact with reality in schizophrenia
Additional observations on the social perceptions of authoritarians and nonauthoritarians
Physiological need, set, and visual duration threshold
The reinforcement of cooperation between children
The effects of an “anxiety-reducing” medication on group behavior under threat
The effect of induced aggressiveness on opinion change
The influence of reinforcement and punishment in a minimal social situation
The experimental change of a major organizational variable
Correlates of two types of xenophilic orientation
The effects of manifest anxiety and IQ on discrimination
Taylor Scale characteristics of volunteers and non-volunteers for psychological experiments
A method for matching anonymous questionnaire data with group discussion material
The fakability of two measures of prejudice : The California F Scale and Gough's Pr Scale