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Morton Prince
Some characteristics in affiliation motivation
Learning and two kinds of anxiety
Interpersonal trust as a factor in communication
Schizophrenia and central nervous system pathology
Attitudes as adjustments to stimulus, background, and residual factors
Verbal satiation and personality
Understanding and similarity in marriage
Psychotherapist's anxiety level, self-insight, and psychotherapeutic competence
The avoidance of threatening material in imaginative behavior
Microgenesis and aphasia
Perceptual rigidity and closure as functions of anxiety
Parent-child relations and father identification among adolescent boys
Perceptual accuracy in schizophrenia, depression, and neurosis, and effects of amytal
The relationship of hostility to authoritarianism
Body-image boundaries and style of life
Predictability of perceptual defense behavior
Postdecision changes in the desirability of alternatives
The measurement of overt aggression from fantasy
Content-free speech as a source of information about the speaker
Individual anxiety thresholds and their effect on intellectual performance
“Opposite speech” in a schizophrenic patient
The application of conditioning and learning techniques to the treatment of a psychiatric patient
The comparability of positive and negative items in scales of ethnic prejudice
External validation of measure of conformity behavior