Ideology, personality, and institutional policy in the mental hospital
Personality structure and group structure : An interpretative study of their relationship through an event-structure hypothesis
Stimulus generalization as a function of clinical anxiety
Distractibility in the conceptual performance of schizophrenics
Scaling norm conflicts in the area of prejudice and discrimination
Development and evaluation of a scale for measuring social acquiescence
Pride in group performance and group-task motivation
Effects of work-group structure and certain task variables on group performance
Effects of glutamic acid and social stimulation in mental deficiency
Retention of affectively toned verbal material by normals and neurotics
Reminiscence, drive, and personality theory
Perceptual organization and intelligence : A further study
Impressions of personality, authoritarianism, and the fait accompli effect
Relations of temperament to the choice of values
Enhancement of contrast as composite habit
A factorial study of dogmatism and related concepts
Performance as a function of motive strength and expectancy of goal-attainment
Cognitive structure and attitudinal affect
The effects of emotional arousal on the retention of film content : A failure to replicate
The response of schizophrenic patients to a televised World Series game : A study in social isolation
Authoritarianism and interpersonal perception
Ethnic cleavage among young children
Differences in the perception of an authority figure and a nonauthority figure by Navy recruits
A note on the social perceptions of authoritarians and nonauthoritarians
A comparison of DRQ with ratings of emotion
A simple device for obtaining certain verbal activity measures during interviews