Development and validation of a projective measure of power motivation
GSR reactivity as a function of anxiety, instructions, and sex
The relationships among imaginative, direct verbal, and physiological measures of anxiety in an achievement situation
Conditioning of a response class on a personality test
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Accuracy of interpersonal prediction as a function of judge and object characteristics
Differences between schizophrenic and brain-damaged groups in conceptual aspects of object sorting
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On the relation between the probability of a word as an association and in general linguistic usage
Looking at occupations
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Breadth of deviate concepts used by schizophrenics
Effect of preinformation upon human characteristics attributed to animated geometric figures
The effect of stimulus class on the problem-solving behavior of schizophrenics and normals
Response set in the F scale
A note on “ethnocentrism” and acquiescent response sets
A note on “discrimination reaction time as a function of anxiety and intelligence.”
Social status and abstract behavior
How “rigid” is the “authoritarian?”
Anality, aggression, and acquiescence