Interrelations among three criteria of improvement in group therapy : Comfort, effectiveness, and self-awareness
Determinants of conformity and attitude change
Test-retest stability of interaction patterns during interviews conducted one week apart
Authoritarian attitudes and personality maladjustment
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Studies in the phenomenology of emotions
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Conclusion-drawing, communicator credibility, and anxiety as factors in opinion change
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Relationships between child training and the pictorial arts
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Patterns of attitudes toward child rearing and the family
Authoritarian ideology in Negro college students
Personality, anxiety, and muscle tension as determinants of response stereotypy
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The wolf
A Guttman scale for sexual experience : A methodological note
Levels of perceptual organization and cognition : Conflicting evidence
Authoritarianism or acquiescence in Bass's data
Reply to Messick and Jackson's comments on authoritarianism or acquiescence
“Ethnic cleavage among young children” : Erratum
“Rorschach and TAT indices of homosexuality in overt homosexuals, neurotics, and normal males” : Erratum