Predicting the direction of selective recall : Its relation to ego strength and N achievement
The relationship between advanced age and mental abilities
Judgments of consensus during group discussion
Cognitive processes and interpersonal predictions
Conforming behavior under two conditions of conflict in the cognitive field
The repression response to implied failure as a function of the hysteria-psychasthenia index
Intra-individual consistency in conceptualization
Distinguishing characteristics of collaborators and resisters among American prisoners of war
The relationship of age and privilege status to reaction time indices of schizophrenic motivation
The effects of sex-role identification upon problem-solving skill
The effects of clear and unclear role expectations on group productivity and defensiveness
The relationship between overt and fantasy aggression as a function of maternal response to aggression
Affiliation motivation and productivity in small groups
Cognitive set and motivational factors in the perception of neutral and threat-related stimuli
Maternal child-rearing practices and authoritarian ideology
Catharsis and the relief of hostility
Assimilation and contrast effects in reactions to communication and attitude change
Compatriot and foreigner : A study of impression formation in three countries
The treatment of two phobic patients on the basis of learning principles
Perception of disturbing and neutral words through the autokinetic word technique
Learning theory and “opposite speech.”
The influence of ethnic attitudes on reasoning about ethnic groups
“Anxiety and Verbal Learning” : Erratum
“Perceptual Organization and Intelligence : A Further Study“