Clinical and statistical prediction
Social influence phenomena in a task-oriented group situation
Personality and psychopathology
The psychodynamics of social mobility in adolescent boys
The relation of achievement motivation to problem-solving effectiveness
The effect of brief social deprivation on behaviors for a social reinforcer
Preference for delayed reinforcement
Empathy or behavioral transparency
Rigidity, insecurity, and stress
Intelligence and emotional disturbance
Influencing ethnocentrism in small discussion groups through a film communication
Some factors in self-disclosure
Two forms of social conformity
The role of motivation in psychological stress
Interpersonal preference and cognitive organization
Social behavior of young children in the Kibbutz
Two determinants of conformity
The scale values of statements of attitude toward the law after a 25−year interval
Motivational factors in the violation of a prohibition
The achievement motive and task performance
Two components of assumed similarity
Neuroticism, extraversion, and the perception of the vertical
On authoritarianism and acquiescence