A microgenetic approach to word association
Improvement in the performance of schizophrenics on concept formation tasks as a function of motivational change
Some clinical correlates of operant behavior
The effect of person-group relationships on conformity processes
Variability of light perception thresholds in brain-injured children
The effect of subliminal stimulation upon autonomic and verbal behavior
Attitudes established by classical conditioning
Changes in religious interest
Attempts to lead, group productivity, and morale under conditions of acceptance and rejection
The effects of anxiety level and psychological stress on verbal learning
Patterns of managerial traits and group effectiveness
Thematic Apperception Test
Thematic Apperception Test
Reinforcement of affect responses of schizophrenics during the clinical interview
The effects of punishment (electric shock) on perceptual learning
Intralist similarity and verbal rote learning performance of schizophrenic and cortically damaged patients
The intelligence test performance of Maori children
Some shortcomings in projective test validation
Some effects of involvement upon evaluation
Task difficulty and conformity pressures
“Faulty” communication and the spiral aftereffect
Social desirability ratings of personality variables by Norwegian and American college students
Relationship of manifest anxiety to stimulus generalization