The nature of hypnosis
Drive strength and symptom manifestations
Verbal rate, content, and adjustment ratings in experimentally structured interviews
Hostility in Rorschach content and overt aggressive behavior
The generality of social perception scores
Subjective certainty and resistance to change
The effects on opinions of a change in scale judgments
Structural analysis of dreams
Autonomic responses and their relationship to race attitudes
Effect of changes in self-esteem upon impulsiveness and deliberation in making judgments
Stability and validity of achievement fantasy
Need affiliation and frequency of four types of communication
Reevaluation of choice alternatives as a function of their number and qualitative similarity
Increasing cognitive dissonance by a fait accompli
Choice and chance relative deprivation as determinants of cognitive dissonance
Attitudinal effects of choice in exposure to counterpropaganda
Evaluation of therapy by self-report
Displacement of preference as a function of avoidance-avoidance conflict
Personality, perceptual defense, and stereoscopic perception
The relationship between GSR and speech disturbances in psychotherapy
Some factors in the selection of leaders by members of small groups
Yielding, authoritarianism, and authoritarian ideology regarding groups