Recency and primacy in persuasion as a function of the timing of speeches and measurements
The interference theory of forgetting and the amnesic syndrome
Social isolation vs. interaction with adults in relation to aggression in preschool children
Personal motivations and self-conceptions associated with effectiveness and ineffectiveness in emergent groups
Regional differences in anti-Negro prejudice
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Attribute criteriality and sexlinked conservatism as determinants of psychological similarity
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Group versus individual problem-solving
Differences in gradients of stimulus generalization as a function of psychiatric disorder
Attractiveness of group as function of self-esteem and acceptance by group
Process-reactive schizophrenia and genetic levels of perception
A method for determining types of self-esteem
Conflict and repression during sleep deprivation
Suggestibility as dependency behavior
Perceptual preferences as a function of personality variables under normal and stressful conditions
Verbal discrimination of pleasant and unpleasant stimuli prior to specific identification
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Phantom experiences in mental defective amputees
Social perception and the motivational structure of interpersonal relations
Regression under stress to first learned behavior
The afterimages of “hallucinated” and “imagined” colors
Salience of norms and order of questionnaire items
Authoritarianism and reactions to “sputniks.”
Contradictory results using the mecholyl test to differentiate process and reactive schizophrenia
Concerning the concreteness in schizophrenia
Patterns of parenthood as theories of learning