Accuracy of interpersonal perception
Motivational induction and the behavior correlates of the achievement and affiliation motives
Some factors affecting the reduction of overt hostility
Fantasy responses to subliminal stimuli
The achievement motive, goal setting, and probability preferences
The interest value and relevance of fear arousing communications
Evaluational reactions to spoken languages
Achievement motive and test anxiety conceived as motive to approach success and motive to avoid failure
Some effects of immediate versus randomly delayed shock on an instrumental response and cognitive processes
Incidental stimulation
Parental identification, acceptance of authority, and within-sex differences in cognitive behavior
The effects of need-oriented communications on attitude change
Involvement and communication discrepancy as determinants of opinion conformity
The effects of information on the assessment of attitudes by authoritarians and nonauthoritarians
Socially mediated reduction in emotional responses of young rhesus monkeys
Direct and vicarious reduction of hostility
Prediction of small group role behavior from personality variables
Characteristics and concomitants of mood fluctuation in college women
Reinforcement of verbal affect response of normal subjects during the interview
Change in attitudes toward the Negro in a Southern university
Some theory and data concerning the attenuation of aggression
Individual differences in reaction to failure-induced stress
A cross-cultural study of structured groups with unpopular central members
Recalled dream themes and personality
Schizophrenic-like responses in normal subjects under time pressure
EPPS n Achievement and verbal paired-associates learning