Yeasayers and naysayers
Achievement and nurturance in triads varying in power distribution
Status and conformity to pressure in informal groups
The stability of interpersonal judgments in independent situations
Stimuli related to stress, neuroticism, excitation, and anxiety response patterns
Interfering and facilitating effects of test anxiety
The effect of “social censure” and “social approval” on the psychomotor performance of schizophrenics
Cognitive and empathic factors in role-taking by schizophrenic and brain damaged patients
Production of associative sequences in schizophrenia and chronic brain syndrome
Verbal and GSR response in experimental interviews as a function of three degrees of “therapist” communication
Effect of interpersonal relationships upon verbal conditioning
Operant conditioning in a quasi-therapy setting
Fear of failure and unrealistic vocational aspiration
Three versions of the F Scale and performance on the Semantic Differential
Brief successful psychotherapy of a chronic phobic reaction
An interview with a mute catatonic
A determiner of the centrality of a trait in impression formation
The psychological meaning of acquiescence set
Head-body differentiations in body image and skin resistance level
Extrinsic religious values and prejudice
Assimilation of the knowledgeable newcomer under conditions of group success and failure