Systematic changes in word association norms : 1910–1952
Nystagmus : An integrative neural deficit in schizophrenia
Self-esteem and need achievement as determinants of selective recall and repetition
Cooperative behavior in dyad as a function of reinforcement parameters
Achievement related characteristics of manic-depressives
The interpretation of opinion statements as a function of recipient attitude
Cognitive consistency and attitude change
Direct and indirect persuasive effects of dissonance-producing messages
Some consequences of experimental rejection
Stimulus pooling and social perception
Achievement motivation in fantasy and behavior
Attitudinal consequences of commitment to unpleasant behavior
The frequency of self-reference statements as a function of generalized reinforcement
Interpersonal perception and communication in discussion groups of varied attitudinal composition
Conditioning and generalization of GSR as a function of awareness
The effects of subliminal and supraliminal suggestion on verbal productivity
Confusion of figurative and literal usages of words by schizophrenics and brain damaged patients
Learning a social structure
Repeated frustrations and expectations in hostility arousal
Frustration, aggression, and murder
Some physiological correlates of Rorschach body image productions
Manifest anxiety and prestimulus conductance levels
A psychological factor apparently associated with neoplastic disease
Some relationships between GSR conditioning and judgments of anxiety
Verbal reinforcement in schizophrenia
Ego disjunction : A failure to replicate Trehub's results
A note concerning homogeneity of membership and group problem solving
The body image barrier concept