The open system in personality theory
On the reliability of the anamnestic interview
Acquiescent response set and the Psychasthenia scale
Affectsimulating effects of colors
Authoritarianism and men's reactions to sexuality and affection in women
Group interaction and perceived simliarity of members
Verbal rate, eyeblink, and content in structured psychiatric interviews
The susceptibility of chronic schizophrenics to social influence in the formation of perceptual judgments
Differences in response latency and response variability between high and low anxiety subjects in a flicker-fusion task
Leader-member interaction in management committees
Competence and conformity in the acceptance of influence
Creativity and primary process
Effects of stress on goal setting behavior
Rigidity in neurosis and general personality functioning
Two correlates of symbolic sexual arousal
Changes in interpersonal perception as a means of reducing cognitive dissonance
Some personal and situational determinants of yielding to influence
The attribution of similarity
The indirect representation of sexual stimuli by schizophrenic and normal subjects
The unconscious perception of the meaning of verbal stimuli
The child's differential perception of parental attributes
Effects of white authoritarianism in biracial work groups
Size estimation of pictures associated with success and failure as a function of manifest anxiety
The effect of aroused motivation on attitudes
Audience stress, personality, and speech
The contextual associates of sun and God in Schreber's autobiography
A clinical note on the specific nature of an “oral” trauma
Male and female subjects in personality research
Personality similarity, positive affect, and interpersonal attraction
The stability of cognitive controls
Prestige effects in body-sway suggestibility
Social conformity in perception of the autokinetic effect
A factor analysis of the Wesley Rigidity Inventory
Introversion-extraversion and kinesthetic aftereffects