Preference for delayed reinforcement and social responsibility
Stability and fluctuation in the power relationships of young children
The predilection for single orderings
Effects of social motivational variables on choice reaction time of schizophrenics
Word meanings and self-descriptions
The effectiveness of unanticipated persuasive communications
Personality and verbal conditioning effects
Attitudes toward old people
The relationship between medical and psychiatric symptoms
Analysis of the connotative meanings of a variety of human values as expressed by American college students
Reduction of cognitive dissonance by seeking consonant information
Familial correlates of aggression in nondelinquent male children
Self-concept differences in relation to identification, religion, and social class
Emotional factors in the forgetting of word associations
Responsiveness of chronic schizophrenics and normals to social and nonsocial feedback
Interpersonal decision making
Cognitive controls of attention deployment as determinants of visual illusions
Modification of behavior through verbal conditioning
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Time orientation and social class
Need achievement, fear of failure, and selective recall
Value, magnitude, and accentuation
Dogmatism and learning
Some contrast effects in social perception
A note on anxiety, instructions, and word association performance
Some verbal aspects of primary process thought in schizophrenia
Some inconsistencies in the effect of motivation arousal on humor preferences
The effect of induced stress on free associations
The effects of anxiety and threat on the solution of a difficult task
Ego strength and perceived competence as conformity variables
The “yeasayer” and social desirability
A note on the Couch and Keniston measure of agreement response set
Agreeing response set and social desirability
Social desirability and agreement response set
A note on Rokeach's theory of prejudice
Belief versus race as determinants of social distance