The generality of immunity to persuasion produced by pre-exposure to weakened counterarguments
Incidental versus focal presentation of drive related stimuli
The relationship between word frequency and perceptibility with a forced-choice technique
Preconscious perception
Stability of achievement and recognition seeking behaviors from early childhood through adulthood
A reinterpretation of some pathological disturbances in conceptual breadth
The generality of the WAIS standardization for the aged
Interpersonal perceptions of repressors and sensitizers and component analysis of assumed dissimilarity scores
Dominance as a factor in achievement and perception in cooperative problem solving interactions
Delay of gratification, need for achievement, and acquiescence in another culture
Interference effects with schizophrenic subjects in the acquisition and retention of verbal material
Disagreement with others, their credibility, and experienced stress
Time perspective, consistency of attitude, and social influence
Familiarity and the order of presentation of persuasive communications
Opinion evaluation and affiliation
Fear and social comparison
A comparison of generalization and adaptation-level as theories of connotation
Psychotherapeutic and other hospital treatment criteria
Intrajudge consistency in ratings of heterogeneous persons
An experimental test of schema interaction
Attitudes toward old people in an older sample
A crosslinguistic investigation of phonetic symbolism
Pancultural factor analysis of reported socialization practices
Sources of frustration and targets of aggression
The perpetuation of an arbitrary tradition through several generations of a laboratory microculture
Differences in developmental experience, defensiveness, and personality organization between two classes of problem drinkers
The assessment of anxiety in psychological experimentation
Dimensions of individual performance in small groups under task and social-emotional conditions
Sex, ethnicity, and play preferences of preschool children
A comparison of mental retardates and normals on kinesthetic figural aftereffects
Operant conditioning of verbal behavior of dysthymics and hysterics
Perceptual selectivity, memory, and anti-Semitism
Perceived characteristics of elected representatives
The interaction of personality and muscle tension in producing agreement on commonality of verbal associations
A factor analytic investigation of personality variables and reminiscence in motor learning
New Zealand children's attitudes towards Maoris
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Successive responses to simultaneous stimulation in elderly patients with memory disorder
Interpersonal attraction and attitude similarity
Anxiety, birth order, and susceptibility to social influence
The influence of valence on distance judgments of human faces