The nature, variety, and social patterning of moral responses to transgression
Field dependence and intellectual functioning
Some effects of perceived status on responses to innovative behavior
Hypotheses and habits in verbal “operant conditioning.‘
Social competence and outcome in psychiatric disorder
Patterns of cardiac arousal during complex mental activity
Praise and censure as motivating variables in the motor behavior and learning of schizophrenics
Word meaning and sexual identification in paranoid schizophrenics and anxiety neurotics
Some effects of “suspicious” versus ‘trusting“ training schedules
Role playing variations and their informational value for person perception
Identification as a process of incidental learning
Defensiveness and self-acceptance in the management of hostility
Resistance to persuasion conferred by active and passive prior refutation of the same and alternative counterarguments
Childhood social interactions and young adult bad conduct
Some aspects of self-conceptions and role demands in a therapeutic community
Primacy effects in personality impression formation
Social desirability or acquiescence in the MMPI? A case study with the SD Scale
The mother-child relationship in bronchial asthma
Objective compared with subjective measures of the same behavior in groups
The effect of effort on the attractiveness of rewarded and unrewarded stimuli
The stimulating effects of a vicarious aggressive activity
The influence of language on the development of concept formation in deaf children
Interpersonal sensitivity and motive strength
The conditioning of verbal behavior as a function of the need for social approval
Interaction among retarded children as a function of their relative language skills
Acceptance of punishment and change in belief
GSR conditioning and personality factors in alcoholics and normals
Changes in the language of a schizophrenic patient during psychotherapy
Shifts in evaluations of participants following intergroup competition
The effects of thorazine on learning and retention in schizophrenic patients
Group size, prior experience, and conformity
A note on the scoring of ego disjunction
Are differences in schizophrenic symptoms related to the mother's avowed attitudes toward child rearing?
Status restoration and the reduction of hostility
The effect of overt aggression on physiological arousal level
Trends in cognitive ability in the older age ranges
Sex differences, sex composition, and group problem solving
Introversion-extraversion differences in judgments of time
Cortical conductivity and vocabulary