Arthur R. Cohen
Commitment to social deprivation and verbal conditioning
Towards an understanding of inequity
Evaluation of prospective social relationships
Cognitive interaction in person perception
Stimulus and social cues in concept identification of schizophrenics and normals
N achievement and father dominance in Turkey
Thematic hostility and guilt responses as related to self-reported hostility, guilt, and conflict
Perceptual categorizations of love and anger cues in schizophrenics
Social comparison and dissonance reduction in self-evaluation
Interpersonal affect and conformity behavior in schizophrenics
Visual figural aftereffects in retarded adults
Quantitative connotation of a concept
Effects of test anxiety and reinforcement history on verbal behavior
Secondary reinforcement and effort
Effort, attractiveness, and the anticipation of reward
“Reminiscence and Stage of Illness in Schizophrenia”