Arthur R. Cohen : 1927–1963
Commitment to social deprivation and verbal conditioning
Towards an understanding of inequity
Evaluation of prospective social relationships : A function of comparison level and predicted outcome level
Cognitive interaction in person perception
Stimulus and social cues in concept identification of schizophrenics and normals
N achievement and father dominance in Turkey
Thematic hostility and guilt responses as related to self-reported hostility, guilt, and conflict
Perceptual categorizations of love and anger cues in schizophrenics
Social comparison and dissonance reduction in self-evaluation
Interpersonal affect and conformity behavior in schizophrenics
Visual figural aftereffects in retarded adults
Quantitative connotation of a concept
Effects of test anxiety and reinforcement history on verbal behavior
Secondary reinforcement and effort : Comment on Aronson's “The Effect of Effort on the Attractiveness of Rewarded and Unrewarded Stimuli.”
Effort, attractiveness, and the anticipation of reward : A reply to Lott's critique
“Reminiscence and Stage of Illness in Schizophrenia” : Erratum