Some characteristics of the achievement motive in women
Communication of emotional intent by facial expression
Introversion, neuroticism, and conditioning
Relation of eyelid conditioning to manifest anxiety, extraversion, and rigidity
Interpersonal sensitivity under motive arousing conditions
Toward a modern approach to values
Changes in body image following sensory deprivation in schizophrenic and control groups
Shape constancy in schizophrenic patients
Cognitive consistency and performance in the autokinetic situation
Early childhood intellectual differences between schizophrenic adults and their siblings
Birth order of volunteers for sensory deprivation
Relationship between projective and direct measures of fear arousal
Displaced aggression in young children
Associative interference in the verbal learning performance of schizophrenics and normals
Conformity and commitment to the group
Conceptual sorting and personality adjustment in children
Adult performance as a function of sex of experimenter and sex of subject
Relationship between self-esteem and sensory (perceptual) constancy
Similarities and differences between normal and psychotic subjects in responses to verbal stimuli
Effects of a positive social reward upon a verbal avoidance response