Persistence of induced opinion change and retention of the inducing message contents
Attitude manipulation in restricted environments
Pervasive influence of social schemata
Body image boundaries and patterns of body perception
Diffusion of responsibility and level of risk taking in groups
Affecting the salience of the social responsibility norm
Susceptibility to hypnosis and susceptibility to social influence
Body position, facial expression, and verbal behavior during interviews
Need for achievement and schedules of variable reinforcement
Expression and inhibition of sex motive arousal in college males
Division of labor and performance under cooperative and competitive conditions
Drugs and placebos
Reinforcement of agents of action in doll play
Anxiety and the variability of word associates
Cognitive complexity and primacy-recency effects in impression formation
Agreement set and anticontent attitudes in the F scale
Variability of responding as a measure of the effect of frustration
Constancy of absolute judgments of size by normals and schizophrenics
The differential effect of induced muscular tension (drive) on discrimination in schizophrenics and normals
Verbal conditioning
Further comments on characteristics of untestable chronic schizophrenics