Acceptance and rejection of arguments in relation to attitude strength, critical ability, and intolerance of inconsistency
Group pressure and action against a person
Studies in efficiency
An experimental study of three response modes in social influence situations
Supplementary note
A clinical-experimental approach to the study of subliminal stimulation
Self-esteem, communicator characteristics, and attitude change
Cerebral dominance and speech acquisition in deaf children
Delinquency and school dropout behavior as a function of impulsivity and nondominant values
Short-circuiting of threat by experimentally altering cognitive appraisal
Disparity theory and achievement motivation
Delusional thinking and cognitive organization in schizophrenia
Affect and stereoscopic resolution
“Conceptual area” among pathological groups
Significant factors in overevaluation of own-group's product
Judgment of time and aspects of personality
Phonetic symbolism in an artificial language
Note on the further validation of the Alpert-Haber achievement anxiety test