Minimal effects of severe depression on cognitive functioning
Eye movements accompanying daydreaming, visual imagery, and thought suppression
Social encounters and their effect on subsequent reinforcement
Size constancy of adolescent schizophrenics
Valence in the adoption of solutions by problem-solving groups
Motivation in a task situation as a function of ability and control over the task
Level of aspiration, or probability of success
Involvement, discrepancy, and change
Motivational and judgmental determinants of social perception
A physiological effect of cognitive dissonance under stress and deprivation
A further examination of birth order as a selective factor among volunteer subjects
Cognitive styles and memory for faces
Conformity as a function of birth order, payoff, and type of group pressure
Attitude intensity and dissonant cognitions
Environmentally produced retardation-institution and preinstitution influences
Induction of prestige suggestion through classical conditioning
The influence of the pretest on order effects in persuasive communications
Patterns of dreaming recall