The Role of the Emergency Department in Creating a Safe America
Rural Hospital Transfer Patterns before and after Implementation of a Statewide Trauma System
The Urban Epidemiology of Recurrent Injury : Beyond Age, Race, and Gender Stereotypes
Ankle Radiograph Utilization after Learning a Decision Rule : A 12‐month Follow‐up
Effectiveness of Selective Use of Intravenous Pyelography in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Ureteral Colic
The Significance of Out‐of‐hospital Hypotension in Blunt Trauma Patients
Failure of the Miller Criteria to Predict Significant Intracranial Injury in Patients with a Glasgow Coma Scale Score of 14 after Minor Head Trauma
The Impact of an Endotracheal Side Port on the Absorption of Lidocaine
Utility of Urine and Blood Cultures in Pyelonephritis
Predictive Value of Letters of Recommendation vs Questionnaires for Emergency Medicine Resident Performance
Wound Botulism Associated with Black Tar Heroin
Stab Wound to the Left Forearm
Use of the World Wide Web for Multisite Data Collection
Statistical Methodology : III. Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curves
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Letters to the Editor
Letters of Recommendation : What Does Good Really Mean?
Bilateral Blindness
Tension Hydrothorax
The Relative Risks
Power Error
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Amrinone and Verapamil Overdose Study Design
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Assessment of Dehydration in Adults Using Hematologic and Biochemical Tests