Race, Ethnicity, and Management of Pain from Long-bone Fractures
Emergency Department Case-finding for High-risk Older Adults
Safety of Paramedics with Extended Skills
The Six-item Screener to Detect Cognitive Impairment in Older Emergency Department Patients
Comparison of Adverse Events during Procedural Sedation between Specially Trained Pediatric Residents and Pediatric Emergency Physicians in Israel
Sixty-four–slice Computed Tomography of the Coronary Arteries
Emergency Medical Services Provider Perceptions of the Nature of Adverse Events and Near-misses in Out-of-hospital Care
Providers Do Not Verify Patient Identity during Computer Order Entry
Thoughts from My Visit to Salvatore Vicario, MD
Actual Financial Comparison of Four Strategies to Evaluate Patients with Potential Acute Coronary Syndromes
Therapeutic Effects and Anti-inflammatory Mechanisms of Heparin on Acute Lung Injury in Rabbits
An Assessment of the Faculty Development Needs of Junior Clinical Faculty in Emergency Medicine
Lobbying Mediocrity
Alignment of Emergency Medicine Research Efforts with Clinical and Translational Science Awards
The Little Things
The Eight Cs
The 3-Minute Emergency Medicine Medical Student Presentation
A Rapid Qualitative Test for Suspected Ethylene Glycol Poisoning
Ultrasonographic Diagnosis and Facilitated Reduction of an Abdominal Wall Hernia
Emergency Department Echocardiography Demonstrates Large Pericardial Effusion and Pendulous Cardiac Motion in Patient with Shortness of Breath and Electrical Alternans
Sensitive Swine and TASER Electronic Control Devices
Sensitive Swine and TASER Electronic Control Devices